Hull, Deck & Superstructure Construction

  • Basic hull and structure Is welded aluminium including superstructure with three full watertight bulkhead and two half-height watertight bulkheads.
  • Bottom is 12 mm aluminium plate.
  • Integral aluminium tanks for water and diesel form a double bottom between the three full height watertight bulkheads.
  • 19mm tempered windows with storm boards.
  • The hull structure is massively strong with a double bottom throughout the accommodation space. The stabilizers are mounted within coffer dams.
  • Matching grey tread master decking on exterior decks.
  • External handrails, stanchions and foremast, et al are 316 L stainless steel.
  • The ‘bolt on’ swim step extension section adds 3’/90cm to the waterline length and reduces drag six to eight percent. It also creates valuable space for loading/unloading passengers and stores from the dinghy, exiting to floating docks, and easy access off the stern for swimming. Finally, this extra waterline increases longitudinal, further reducing pitching. And the measured length of the hull? We will just say that the bolt on nature of the extension offers a degree of flexibility with “official” measurements not available with a welded extension.
  • There is 6500 pounds of lead ballast, encapsulated within the fuel tanks.
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