Electrical Systems

Voltage Systems:

  • Vessel Primary AC – Primary is 230V, with all main systems (air conditioning, water maker, induction cook top, speed oven, washer and dryer) able to run on 230V – 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Inverters – 2 qty, 230VAC / 5KW Victron inverters provide power from the 24 volt DC battery system and support shore power or the 11.5 KW 50Hz generator. System able to function on either 50 or 60 Hz shore supply and generator can be changed to 60Hz.
  • 230 Volt, 24 volt and 12 volt plugs are located strategically throughout the boat. AC plugs/outlets wired to allow 115V changeover with minimal difficulty.
  • Two main power panels – one near helm and one in aft crew quarters.
  • Dual pole breakers disconnect both legs on AC and DC circuits.
  • Remote Blue Sea disconnects for all 24 Volt high amp DC circuits and devices.

Battery Banks:

  • Primary 24 volt DC – 2VDC cells x 12qty.
  • Hoppecke traction style batteries provide 1200 amp hours of capacity at 24 volts.
  • Secondary 12 volt DC – Two (2) Group 31 batteries provide power for engine and genset starting.

Battery Chargers:

  • The Victron Inverters double as main 24VDC battery Charger (240A total) – recharging the house bank via external shore power or the generator.
  • Inverter emergency bypass switch.
  • 115VAC battery charger and 24 to 12 volt converter charger, battery disconnects and parallel switch with centre tap from house bank for secondary 12 volt DC start bank.


  • 2 x Serpentine belt driven 28 volt Electrodyne alternators on the main engine provide a combined output of 7.4 KW (300 amps at 28 volts) thru two heavy duty remote mounted rectifiers while underway.
  • This is sufficient to run key onboard AC power systems via the inverters while underway and recharge the batteries with some power management without running the generator.


  • 11.5 KW Cummins Onan Generator.
  • Approximate hours – 596 hrs.

Shore Power:

  • AC Shore power – Incoming shore power is isolated via an isolation transformer.
  • Two shore power connection points in the forepeak and on the aft deck accept either 30 amp (115V – 60Hz) or 50 amp (230V – 50 or 60 Hz).
  • Inverter/Chargers can be adjusted to support available incoming amperage.
  • Shore power cords and international adapters.

Other Electrical:

  • Very Extensive Complement of Spares.
  • 2 x Solar panels on the house top. The output is rated at approximately 245 watts per panel.
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