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The FPB 64 is about being SAFE, STABLE and SIMPLE. She is built to practical goals that have been superbly executed.

She is highly suitable for a family who are willing to trade off a big white yacht prestige for comfort, low maintenance, and ease of use.

The FPB enables your sense of adventure, rather than being something that nags at your confidence.

You can buy a more impressive yacht, a yacht with bigger cabins, a towering bow at the dock, more sumptuous furnishings, but you cannot buy a yacht that will be as SAFE, STABLE and SIMPLE as the FPB.

The comfort of a yacht must be about when she is moving in her environment, the ocean, at least as much as at the dock.

The FPB has an extremely comfortable motion, with no roll at all for long periods of time, and a soft pitching motion. Normal family life can continue, at sea, even for children.

The easy ride means no seasickness, which means the ride is enjoyable, exciting and the adventure is fun. We never took, or gave our kids, anything for motion.

We cooked and baked and played guitar and watched the waves and the clouds and did homework at sea, while we waited for the dolphins or whales or perhaps tuna to turn up.

Having a FPB is about having a yacht that is massively strong, capable and stable, it is about the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the yacht will take care of you if you get caught out. It is the assurance of mind that enables you to reach out further than you otherwise would, the feeling that no matter how bad the weather, the yacht will not drag anchor, make her crew ill, or throw them around so they get hurt.

These things give the owner an enormous sense of confidence is his vessel. This is something his partner intuitively picks up on, and this is very comforting and enabling.

And when you get there, the yacht is able to provide the essentials of power, water and food reserves in abundance, simply and with great reliability. The layout means everybody is part of the action, all the time, it’s also about the view.

The systems at first may seem complex, however they quickly become second nature, as they should. The first thing that you will grow to love is the layout and accessibility of everything. Then the redundancy and the quality of components. Normal maintenance and trouble shooting is easy, and when you have a question you can reach for the sat phone and be fully supported by the designer’s team and the builder’s team. The time I needed their input was a Sunday night, but no problem.

We have found this support to be the best we have ever experienced from any company, in any field, ever. If you have an issue, you are not on your own, even in a tropical lagoon, hundreds or thousands of miles from a city. With a satellite phone you will have the man who built the system, and the man who designed the system, and whoever else you feel you need, in your corner until you are happy again. Plus you have the tools you need, and the parts you need on board. It all goes together to enable your adventure.

You will not feel on your own. This is not a happy snaps, pirate party, type community, it is an enabling group of experts who have designed, built and support, arguably the best yacht ever built for getting out there.

The yacht is in fact a simple yacht to operate. A child can do it. My 8 year old, (and, separately, both 14 year olds) regularly took watches, keeping an eye on systems, steering around ships, and logging positions, at night, at sea, while I slept. I knew that with the door closed, there was zero chance of anybody falling overboard. When I was a kid my Dad would snooze with half an eye open when we were at sea, with only DR and ships lights to work with. Now my child’s sharp eyes have radar and AIS to back them up. Easy. Safe. Comfortable.

The FPB is an easy yacht to own when she is not being used. No external woodwork, and the raw alloy finish mean the only polishing is of the stainless steel. I knock that off in a few hours twice a year. That’s it. She is cheap to keep. Very cheap. For regular maintenance we fly the Circa guys in, cheaper than you might think (NZ wages!), and you are not training up your local bloke. It is nice to have that type of support.

The fuel burn is also a big contributor to the modest cost of ownership. At sea we burn 25 litres an hour x 24 hours = 600 litres per day for 230nm. We did our figures on paying $1.50 per litre. We still haven’t paid that much! This is another advantage of the huge tanks. We only buy fuel in large quantities cheap! So at $1.20 litre the full 24 hours at sea will cost $720, and a 1,000nm trip will consume 2,608 litres for a cost of $3130. Not nothing, but probably comparable to the cost of air travel depending on the number of crew. Local trips burn 10 to 15 litres per hour. So an out and back mission of say 4 hours total running, costs, well, beer money. The sorts of fuel burns that mean you go, just for fun, without considering the cost.

In short, the FPB, whilst expensive to buy, is inexpensive to own, very easy to live with, and will remove all the obstacles to living a life full of adventure.

By far the best yacht most of us could ever hope to own.

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