Plumbing Systems

Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • 24 volt Kabola diesel fired boiler for hot water and boat heating.
  • 2 x Headhunter X-Caliber pressure pumps.
  • 55 litre stainless water heater with dual 2000 watt elements with heat exchanger that is part of the Kabola diesel boiler/engine waste heat circuit for hot water.
  • Sea Recovery 55 gallon per hour RO water maker with fresh water flush, primary filtration, plankton filter, charcoal filter and UV sterilizer plumbed to all portable water tankage via valved manifold. Hours – c. 183.

Bilge Pumps:

  • PAR Jabsco diaphragm electric pumps – 2 x in engine room, 1 x in forepeak,   1 x in basement with roving hose and connections to stabilizer cofferdams.
  • 1 x Pacer hydraulic damage control pump (600 litres per minute) plumbed to forepeak, living areas and engine room.
  • Manual/automatic control on all pumps plus high water alarms.

Other Plumbing:

  • Extensive complement of spares.
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