• Tank Tender level indicator for freshwater and diesel tankage.
  • Sealand tank gauge for black water level indication.


  • Fuel Capacity is 11,960 litres (3,160 US Gal.) in two main tanks, two trim tanks and day tank.
  • Tanks are integral aluminium.
  • High capacity fuel transfer/polishing system with two geared Oberdoerfer pumps, polishing filtration and debug system allowing transfer from any tank to any tank via valved manifolds.
  • Day tank topped up automatically with pump running, low level, fill level and high level alarms.
  • Manifold from day tank to all primary consumers with dual Racor filtration on main engine and additional filtration to other diesel consumers.
  • Spare Oberdoerfer pump head.

Fresh water:

  • 6,800 litres (1,800 US Gal.) in two integral aluminium tanks plus separate polyethylene galley tank for filtered water.

Grey/Blackwater holding tanks:

  • Blackwater – Two Polyethylene tanks – approximately 150 litre (40 US Gal.) capacity each – one serving the master head and one serving the aft head.
  • Filtered tank breathers.
  • Remote level indicators.
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